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A messenger arrives with a message from a Guardian Angel. “You’re needed on earth. Please join me as I have one choosing the light of Him.” She simply smiles as her brilliant wings expand and she takes flight from Heaven down through the skies, inside the clouds. She glides through the wind as the air whips around her body, her long hair carrying behind her.

Looking down on earth she moves towards the area of town where the soul is located. She feels the pull of Him inside her, a happiness only another angel could describe. She smiles as she lands on the ground with a soft touch of her toes. She takes a few steps forward towards the Guardian Angel and nods.

The human cannot see, hear or touch their Guardian Angel. Their angel is there to simply help guide them along their already chosen path. Once the decision has been made of their light, Remliel is called to make the final transition.

As the Guardian Angel vanishes from Remliel’s sight she smiles then makes herself appear to the human. Her beauty and radiance is almost blinding. Her wings appear invisible to human eyes. She steps forward and places a single hand on the shoulder of the female she is visiting.

"Have no fear for I am with Him," she looks up at the sky and points, then returns her gaze to the female. "I bring you no harm, only the help you will need to continue on your path. I shall be by your side until the day your life ends and your soul enjoys eternal life with our Lord." She smiles and warms the females body with love and grace.

"When temptation comes in your path, and trust me, it will, I’ll be there to help guide you, help fight off the demons that plague you, help remove any false illusions. I am His love for you."

The female begins to sob as her hands cover her face. Remliel pulls her into her arms and embraces her, running her hand down her soft hair. “Crying lets the demons out. They can no longer harm you. They can no longer control you.”

Pulling back she wipes the tears off the humans face as they immediately disappear against Remlial’s finger tips. “Meditation. Learn to channel yourself and rebuild who you are and what you want, not what everyone else thinks you need. OK?” She simply nods. “I’ll show you how. Come, sit.”

They take a seat on the forest floor as the wind lightly blows around their bodies, lifting their hairs against their skin.

 [wind blowing hair in prairie]

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The background for my SL will be coming very soon. I haven’t seen anything like this on twitter before so I’m excited to bring something fresh and new to the community of RP. Everything written and created is original. Anything taken or used needs to be by permission or you’ll be blocked and reported. 

Now that’s out of the way, my PM hopes anyone who reads will enjoy the SL. Other players will be joining very soon. Please, stay tuned and ask questions along the way.

Premise of the SL:

Angels and Demons roam earth in hopes to turn humans in their general direction. Think of it as a roster for baseball. We are recruiting for who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell.

My name is Remliel (pronounced Rem-LEEL). I am the Angel of Awakening. My sole purpose is to bring you to God-consciousness and union with your Eternal Self. I shall supply whatever you need to fight the battle between light and illusion, the flesh and the spirit. When you are ready for a spiritual awakening, our Guardian Angel calls to me to watch over you during this period of purification and self revelation. I shall provide the best conditions for your growth by helping you face the personal demons and illusions that have blocked us from experiencing God’s love directly. I am charged with directing the expanding of your mental body so that its currents and frequencies are all turned Godward.

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